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Become a Snozone Member and receive a mountain of rewards saving you up to £500 per year!*  It’s one simple payment with no contract and our referral scheme means the more members you refer the less you’ll need to pay to enjoy our real snow slopes – and that’s on top of the free slope time you’ll get just for joining!
We’ve exclusively partnered with the Ski Club of Great Britain to provide a Snozone “Plus” membership offering all the fantastic rewards below, and entitles the member to all of the Ski Club of Great Britain’s amazing benefits !
The Snozone “Plus” membership is available for adults and families and in line with the Snozone membership, these rewards are redeemable at all three Snozone venues!  Plus if you are  renewing your membership with a Snozone “Plus” membership you will also receive a 2 hour free main slope pass.

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