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Snowboard Lessons

Our real snow is carefully maintained and groomed to perfection every day. Our expert and fully qualified Coaches are very welcoming and they understand if you’re nervous on your first visit! We offer the safest and most enjoyable way to learn and practice snowboarding.
We coach and support our members and guests at a pace that suits them. Don’t worry about equipment as the hire of your snowboard, helmet and boots are all included in the ticket price. You are welcome to bring your own snowboard and boots- Children under 16 will receive a 10% discount off the ticket price if they do. Helmets must be worn at all times on the slope for any activity. 
We teach junior snowboard lessons from 7 years of age and our market-leading children’s SnoAcademy is a fantastic way for your child to learn snowboarding skills. Alternatively you can also book private snowboard lessons for children.

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Snowboard Improver Day Course
Snowboard Improver Day Course
A full day course (7.5 hours) for those who have completed levels 1-6 and now want to improve their technique or refresh their skills after taking a break from the sport. The course includes progression to an earlier edge change before the fall line, skills for disembarking the poma lifts, straight running and one foot skills. You’ll also learn how to jump small obstacles!
Beginners Day Course
Beginners Day Course
A full day experience designed to introduce you to your new sport of snowboarding - which you’ll be able to do by the end of the day! The course lasts 7.5 hours for adults and 6 hours for 11 to 15 year olds, including refreshment breaks.
Our expert Coaches will guide you through all the basic skills including how to turn, change direction and you'll receive an introduction to steeper parts of the slopes.

Private Snowboard Lessons
Private Snowboard Lessons
Our expert Coaches have a wealth of experience and will tailor the tuition exactly to your needs in your very own exclusive “personal training” session. You can also learn with a group of friends or with your family. These personalised lessons of either an hour or 90 minutes are certain to develop your skills to the next level. 
Snozone Disability Snowsports Private Snowboard Lesson
Snozone Disability Snowsports Private Snowboard Lesson
Snozone Disability Snowsports is for anyone who has a sensory, cognitive or physical impairment. Our highly experienced and qualified Coaches provide bespoke adaptive (disabled) tuition, guidance and coaching for all abilities and experience levels.  We have the latest equipment available, including sit skis which can be skied with assistance or independently and stand up riggers which are used to aid amputees. 
This is a 90 minute lesson experience for beginners which includes a full hour of tuition with a 15 minute briefing before you start and a 15 minute debriefing afterwards. You will get used to the equipment, learn basic movements of stance and balance and start controlling your speed whilst sliding.  Lessons for children 11-15 years are for 60 minutes.
Group Snowboard Lesson Levels 1 & 2
This 3 hour lesson (2 hours for 11-15 year olds) is the ideal way to learn to snowboard in a relatively short space of time. Taking level 1 and 2 from our development structure, you’ll be introduced to equipment, basic movements, balance and learn how to side step and control the snowboard on the toe edge.
Group Snowboard Lesson Levels 2 & 3
Taking levels 2 and 3 from our development structure, in this 3 hour lesson (2 hours for 11-15 year olds) you’ll revise and practice the skills learnt from your earlier lessons, learn how to change direction on steeper terrain and start ‘slide slipping’ with greater confidence by the end of the session.
Group Snowboard Lesson Levels 3 & 4
Taking levels 3 and 4 from our development structure, in this 3 hour lesson (2 hours for 11-15 year olds) you’ll move to the ‘intermediate’ level and learn how to make turns from your heel and toe edge, then link your turns together on higher terrain with foot steering. You will also learn how to use the Poma lift by the end of the session.

Group Snowboard Lesson Levels 4 & 5
By this stage, you will have accomplished the beginner and intermediate skills covered in levels 3 and 4 from our development structure and you’ll now gain further control of your snowboard on both edges, adjusting your turn shape and speed according to the higher terrain. You’ll also begin to work towards carving turns on the main slope. This is a 3 hour lesson (2 hours for 11-15 year olds).
Group Snowboard Lesson Levels 5 & 6
Taking in levels 5 and 6 from our development structure, in this 3 hour lesson, (2 hours for 11-15 year olds) you will be snowboarding fluently and freely from the top of the slope in a controlled manner by the end of the session.
Development Coaching Session
Development Coaching Session
This session is ideal for all snowboarders who have been awarded “slope ready” status attained upon the completion of Level 6. For adults this is a 3 hour session with a minimum of 2 hours of coaching on the slope.   For juniors (11-15 years) the sessions are 90 minutes long.  
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