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Family Ski Holiday Tips for your winter getaway

Family Ski Holiday Tips for your winter getaway
24th October 2023
Are you planning a winter getaway with the little ones?

A family ski holiday can be a magical experience, and a great opportunity to make lasting memories.

Look for family friendly resorts that offer child friendly slopes, ski schools, special events and entertainment. Many also provide childcare services and easy access to the slopes.

Make sure you book your children into skiing or snowboarding lessons at Snozone before you arrive on resort, so they can start building confidence and skills and maximise their enjoyment of their first winter holiday. Invest in quality ski or snowboard equipment that fits properly. Warm, waterproof clothing, gloves, socks and goggles are essential to keep everyone comfortable and protected from the cold, and if you need to stock up, we sell these items in our shops at both Snozone Yorkshire and Snozone Milton Keynes.

Cold temperatures can be challenging when skiing or snowboarding with children. Schedule regular breaks to warm up and pack some snacks to keep everyone energised. Dress in layers to regulate body temperature and of course don't forget to apply suntan lotion!
Of most importance though is that you go at your own pace not the pace you think you should be doing! Don’t put pressure on yourselves! The key to being successful in your sport is how much you enjoy it and always remember to celebrate every small success.


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