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Top Tips when learning to Ski or Snowboard

17th March 2022

Top Tips when learning to Ski or Snowboard
When learning to ski or snowboard, remember that you are entering a new sport and the first stages will be very tiring, if not exhausting.
Make sure you are reasonably fit as you would with any sport. Please do not think that ‘I am just sliding down a hill - so how difficult can it be?’
Be patient in your learning
Learning what the correct posture should be whilst standing on a moving platform takes time. Once mastered, the posture will be maintained. Being patient will enable the basic skills to be fully understood. Like building foundations for a house. Get them right and the house will stand forever!
All our ski and snowboard lessons at Snozone are designed with practice time. To be able to perform a skill once does not mean you will be able to repeat later. Practicing the correct posture and skills will enable them to become permanent. Therefore correctly designed and structured ski and snowboard lessons are important.

Get Professional Help
Always put your trust in a fully trained and qualified coach. We are constantly learning about human physiology and how the body reacts to certain movements and physical training. Never learn from a friend who is a ‘good’skier/snowboarder’ as you won’t be taught the basics.
Don’t ever try it on your own
This can lead to horrendous injuries and puts others at risk. Some will even watch videos on YouTube and try and enact them without understanding what is making it all work. Invest in ski and snowboarding lessons and reap the rewards!
5 Reasons why you should take up skiing or snowboarding
  • A skill for life and one that keep you fit. Constant exercise which you will enjoy doing all day. Combine this with amazing fresh air and you have an exhilarating tonic.
  • Great fun. The exhilaration from skiing and snowboarding must be experienced! It is the adrenaline rush that keeps us coming back for more. Attending ski and snowboard lessons developing your advanced skills will enable you to take on new challenges and creates a changing experience on every descent!
  • Scenery that you will experience that you cannot from any other form of travelling on the mountains
  • Skiing and snowboarding make for great family and group holidays. Great for socialising and building new friendships. It builds and develops confidence too.
  • You can learn skiing and snowboarding at any age. The oldest we have taught on an indoor ski lesson at Snozone is 82 years.
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